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Specialty Services that Make Us Unique

Specialty Contact Lenses

Our office is a referral center for specialty lenses for other eye doctors throughout southeastern Wisconsin. Specialty contact lenses are required by people who have corneal disease that prevents them from seeing clearly with glasses or standard contact lenses. A example is a condition called keratoconus, an area we work with extensively. We also have expertise in successfully fitting bifocal and astigmatism (toric) contact lenses. Contact lens research is ongoing at our office, as we are clinical investigators for the top contact lens manufacturers. We evaluate lenses in FDA clinical trials prior to their release to the market. This allows us to always be on the cutting edge of contact lens care and give you insight on the best option available for you. Sign up to be a paid participant in a contact lens study.

Myopia Control

Myopia control is an area of our practice that utilizes special contact lenses or pharmaceuticals to slow the progression of nearsightedness in children. Through the use of a rigid corneal lenses called Dreamlens or soft multifocal lenses, we have helped children become less nearsighted to prevent sight-threatening vision loss in their adult years. There are also pharmacological treatments using low dose atropine drops that can be used when contact lenses not are desired or indicated.

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Dry Eye Treatment

dry-eyeDry eye testing and treatment helps people improve their comfort and vision quality if they develop dry eyes. An evaluation with our Keratograph measures your tear film quality and creates infrared images of the tear glands of your lids to assess any loss of function. We use an instrument called Lipiflow to enhance the function of your lid tear glands and we prescribe different phases of treatment to eliminate the discomfort and vision loss from dry eyes.

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