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We Use the Latest in Technology to Care for Your Eyes


An OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography) is a laser scanning instrument that allows us to look in great detail at the structure of your retina and optic nerve. We use this to detect and treat eye diseases like glaucoma and macular degeneration. It’s also a useful tool in fitting some of the newer gas permeable contact lenses called scleral lenses.


An iProfiler is an automated refracting device that measures your prescription while analyzing corneal irregularities called aberrations. This allows us to prescribe lenses that give improved vision that standard lenses cannot deliver.

Optomap2 OPTOMAP

An Optomap is a digital retinal photograph that allows us to see a wide angle view of your retina to access its overall health. It gives us nearly the same view of the retina as dilating your pupils and sometimes we use it as a substitute for dilation for people who are bothered by eye drops.


A Keratograph is a specialized corneal topographer that analyzes your corneal curvature for the fitting of advanced contact lenses and for LASIK surgery. It also utilizes infrared imaging to evaluate your tear glands for our dry eye patients.


A visual field is a test of your peripheral and central vision function. We use it to test for neurological diseases that can affect your visual field. It is also an important part of managing glaucoma patients.






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